Quad Bike ATV Training Course

All Terrain Vehicle / Quad Bike Course

How to safely operate an ATV (All terrain Vehcile)

ATVs and Quad Bikes are vehicles that are used to travel to areas which are normally difficult for passenger 4x4s to reach. These vehicles are very versatile and agile which can cover most forms of terrain. ATVs vary in engine size and ride height. Some ATVs are used to transport a load on a trailer.

Due to the vehicles being so agile they can be dangerous if delegates are not trained properly with regards to how to operate them properly. Trough experience and training, drivers can be trained how to safely operate these vehicles for on the road and off-road application. These vehicles make a powerful tool if used correctly and safely in the work environment.


The delegate needs be over the age of 18 years and also be in possession of a valid drivers licence.

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Quad bikes (four-wheeled motorbikes and ATV’s) are popular and useful machines that help government and private businesses conduct their daily activities quickly and efficiently. However quad bikes are also a significant cause of death and injury on the work sites. The emotional and financial cost of these deaths and injuries to families and communities is immense.

This course has been developed by He and She to encourage the safe use of Quad bikes. It outlines legal requirements and strategies to ensure the safe operation of quad bikes in the workplace.