Anti Hijack course

Anti Hijack Course

How to adjust your driving style to never be caught off guard and knowing the safest steps to follow should you be Hi-jacked

Every year with the release of the crime stats one can see that Hi-jacking of vehicles and trucks are increasing. With all the crime moving from rural areas to the cities, these criminals target the 'soft target' un-armed motorists and goods vehicles. The hijacking of vehicles are run by syndicates and executed with pre-planned precision.
With the necessary training and understanding of these criminals and how they operate one's actions can increase your chance of survival should you be hijacked. These criminals have one goal in mind and wish that the transfer of assets go quickly and hassle free. Through training one can understand how to cooperate and have minimal provocation for bodily harm.


The delgate needs be over the age of 18 years and also be in possession of a valid drivers licence.

Course Content

The Anti Hijack Course alone is a 1 day theory course.
The course can also be grouped with Defensive and Economical driving to for a combination which is 2 days.
The course covers the following:
Why do Hijackings happen?
Understanding last year's crime stats.
What can I do to my driving style to minimize the chance of being Hijacked?
What are syndicates and how do they operate?
What do I do in a hijacking situation?


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About Anti Hijack

Hijackings have become one of the crimes with the highest growing incidents in all 9 provinces. Most hijackings occur for the sole purpose of taking the car. The Hijackers work for syndicates who seek out to take predetermined brands and models of vehicles for the purpose of either stripping them for spares or reselling them across the border. There are also cases where vehicles have been hijacked to be used in conjunction with other crimes as the method to get away. These vehicles often get dumped at a remote location or set alight to destroy all the evidence.
Any member of society is a potential victim. Victims come from all income groups, races, ages and there is no gender discrimination. All drivers are potential victims, whether they are private vehicle owners, company drivers, or taxi drivers.
Through training and experience drivers can minimise their chances of being in a Hijack situation through planning their routes and also observing what is happening around your vehicle. We at He and She has developed methods on identifying the reasons for hijacking, how the hijackers operate and which preventative measures one can implement. Not being able to move out of current position makes you a soft and easy target for hijackers.
Our course also handles how to handle a Hijacking situation and which actions you should and should not do. Any sudden unpredicted movements can spook your Hijacker causing them to make irrational quick decisions which could end up costing your or those with you in the vehicles lives. Through cooperation one can hand over the vehicle or goods to the Hijacker and plan for you safe escape from the Hijacking situation. No possession or vehicle is worth your life!

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