Anti Hijack Course


How to adapt your driving style to avoid being surprised and know the safest actions to take in case of a hijacking.

Every year, when the crime statistics are released, it becomes evident that the hijacking of vehicles and trucks is on the rise. As crime moves from rural areas to urban cities, these criminals specifically target unarmed motorists and goods vehicles, which they consider as “soft targets.” The hijacking operations are orchestrated by syndicates and carried out with careful planning.

To enhance one’s chances of survival in case of a hijacking, it is crucial to have the necessary training and knowledge about these criminals and their modus operandi. These criminals have a singular objective – to ensure a quick and trouble-free transfer of assets. By undergoing training, individuals can learn how to cooperate effectively during such situations while minimizing any potential harm to themselves.


The delgate needs be over the age of 18 years and also be in possession of a valid drivers licence.

Course Content

The Anti Hijack Course alone is a 1 day theory course.
The course can also be grouped with Defensive and Economical driving to for a combination which is 2 days.
The course covers the following:
Why do Hijackings happen?
Understanding last year’s crime stats.
What can I do to my driving style to minimize the chance of being Hijacked?
What are syndicates and how do they operate?
What do I do in a hijacking situation?

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More about Anti Hijack

Hijackings have become one of the crimes with the highest increasing incidents in all nine provinces. The majority of hijackings are carried out solely for the purpose of stealing cars. The hijackers work for syndicates that specifically target certain brands and models of vehicles, either to strip them for spare parts or to resell them across the border. There are also cases where vehicles have been hijacked to be used in other criminal activities as a means of escape. These stolen vehicles are often abandoned in remote locations or set on fire to destroy any evidence.

Any member of society can potentially become a victim of hijacking, regardless of income group, race, or age. Gender discrimination does not play a role in these crimes. All drivers, whether they own private vehicles, work as company drivers, or drive taxis, can fall prey to hijackers.

By receiving proper training and gaining experience, drivers can reduce their chances of being involved in a hijacking situation. This includes planning routes and remaining vigilant about their surroundings. At He and She, we have developed methods for identifying the motives behind hijackings, understanding how hijackers operate, and implementing preventive measures. Being unable to move from your current position makes you an easy target for hijackers.

Our course also covers how to handle a hijacking situation and what actions you should and should not take. Any sudden and unexpected movements may startle the hijacker and lead them to make impulsive decisions that could endanger your life or the lives of those with you in the vehicle. Through cooperation, it is possible to hand over your vehicle or possessions to the hijacker while planning a safe escape from the situation. No possession or vehicle is worth risking your life for!

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