Loading general freight course

Loading General Freight

To ensure that drivers are able to safely load, secure and off-load freight carried on vehicles

Drivers are employed on the fact that they have a drivers licence and a valid PrDP, but they have no formal knowledge of how to load a heavy vehicle and how the vehicles drive-ability changes once it is loaded. Often we see in the news that a truck has lost control or has lost its load which leads to serious injuries and death. It is important to train your driver how to spread the load and how to adapt the driving style to counter the extra weight added to the vehicle.
Improved general freight loading prevents accidents where vehicles lose loads and ensures that loads and persons are not damaged or injured. If the condition of loads is preserved, customer service and profitability are improved, and the professional image of the transport sector will be maintained. This set of competence is transferable to all other fields where loading of general freight is required, and thus improves the employability of credited learners.


The delgate needs be over the age of 18 years and also be in possession of a valid drivers licence.

Course Content

Personal Protective Clothing And Equipment
Documentation And Information
Delivery Note
Lifting Machines
Loading Regulations


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More about Loading general freight

Lifting machines

Lifting machines are specialised equipment that we use to lift and place loads. The load size, load weight and operating area will determine what lifting machine we will use.

Weight Limitation

The weight of a vehicle and its load effects the road surface, and if the vehicle is overloaded the road surface may crack or the roads foundations may start to collapse and eventually fail, causing pot-holes etc. Vehicles are designed by the manufacturers to carry certain size loads, and still fall inside the legal limits of the traffic authorities.

Gross Vehicle Mass And Axle Mass

In order to safe lives and preserve the country’s roads certain limitations on the gross vehicle mass and axle mass applies to all vehicles that transport freight or passengers. The limitations are governed by the National Road Traffic Act 93 of 1996 Part IV Chapter VI.

Load Recognition

Many loads are marked with symbols indicating special handling information and instructions. Such symbols, when displayed on cargo are to be carefully taken into account by the driver in positioning and securing the load.

General Loading

Cartons And Boxes
Bags And Sacks
Plastic Containers
Cylindrical Loads (Drums, Rolls, Etc.)
Glass And Protection Panels
Bricks And Blocks