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“With 47 years of experience in training, our 66 instructors would strive to offer you the most comprehensive and affordable training available.”

He & She Driver Training Centre, established in 1969 is a leading provider of comprehensive, cost-effective, driver and operator training, to address the training needs of clients in the transport industry. A strong and specific focus on driver training was and remains a key objective, which has resulted in the development of a wide range of provisions and delivery to suit the client.

Our business has grown rapidly, developing our business to a large number of clients and delivering accredited and non-certified learning, skills programs and learnerships in many locations within South Africa.

This extensive portfolio of training and development products gives clients the flexibility to choose the approach most suited to their business needs. This is delivered by a team with the appropriate skills and industry knowledge, who operate from offices in the Western Cape and Gauteng but also deliver to clients elsewhere.

He & She Driver Training Centre is 100% owned and managed by women.
Our services are provided to both the private and the public sectors.
The ethic of responding to each customer’s needs, irrespective of size, has ensured that He and She retain loyal, satisfied customers over 47 years.
We employ 66 instructors supplying driver training on a full-time basis.
We employ 14 instructors supplying lifting equipment training on a full-time basis.
We employ 30 qualified registered assessors with TETA.
We employ 5 qualified moderators.


TETA seta. Full accreditation – Accreditation number: TETA04-105
ADI (South African Institute for Driving Instructors)
Department of Labour as a national provider of Lifting Equipment and First Aid
Department of Transport to supply Transportation of Dangerous Goods and Substance training to drivers transporting gasses, fuel, poison and explosives.

Instructors certificates issued by

Department of Transport

Accredited to offer Dangerous Goods by

Department of Labour

Fully accredited by TETA SETA


Member of Association of Driver Instructors

ADI Member


“He and She Driving School strives to provide the best one-stop driver learning service for all modes and categories of vehicular & road transport including industrial machinery lifts, and hoist vehicles in South Africa.”


“Our vision is to be recognised and respected as the first-choice supplier of driver training throughout South Africa.”


“Our relationship with clients, stakeholders, associates, employees, communities, and suppliers will be based on the principles of integrity, respect, trust and mutual understanding. This will be our foundation for a successful, growing business partnership.”

He and She K53 Practice Yard
Practice Yard

We have our own practice yard situated next to the Parow Traffic Department. The yard is marked out with areas to practice your parallel parking and ally docking as many times as needed to master these manoeuvres. There is no extra charge to use our facilities should you use He and She as your training provider. All clients must be accompanied by a He and She facilitator or instructor when using our facilities.

Indoor forklift training facility
Indoor Forklift Training Facilities

He and She has invested in an indoor forklift training yard. Our forklift training will now not be disrupted by the weather and will be operational right through the year. These facilities will create a comfortable training environment for our customers protecting them from the elements.

Learners Licence Course
Comfortable Classroom Environment

We have recently expanded our training facilities with 5 new classrooms to our portfolio. These classrooms are all equipped with air conditioning units, projector screens, and whiteboards. We have also decorated the classrooms to give a pleasant atmosphere. There is also a catering area on the premises and safe parking behind the building.

Barloworld Learnership
100% Learnerships completion track record

We at He and She are proud that we have completed all Learnerships and Skills Programmes allocated to us. We have over the years developed a solid administration approach to managing the learnerships successfully. Learners are mentored and motivated to keep them actively engaged throughout the learnership period. All the assessors and moderators are subject-matter experts with years of relevant experience and interest in the subjects they facilitate.