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Please find below is all our driver training, advanced driving and workplace related training courses.


learners licence


This course is to prepare the learner driver to pass their Learner Licence test appointment at the traffic department.

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K53 Driver training



Teaching the learner driver the K53 driving system and preparing them for their test at the traffic department.

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Teaching the learner driver the K53 driving system and preparing them for their test at the traffic department.

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Teaching the learner driver the K53 driving system and preparing them for their test at the traffic department.

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Teaching the learner driver the K53 driving system and preparing them for their test at the traffic department.

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Defensive and Economical Advanced Driving Course

Defensive and Economical Driving

Through being observant and communicating with other road users, drivers can travel more economically and stay out of dangerous situations. It is key that drivers adjust their driving style to the changing driving conditions.

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Defensive Driving with a Load

This course is based on Defensive and Economical driving but aimed at heavy vehicles who carry a heavy load. Loaded heavy vehicles tend to change their driving characteristics and could be dangerous if a driver does not adapt their driving style.

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Transportation of Dangerous Goods and Substances

The laws states that should a driver transport any form of Dangerous Goods by road, above the exempt quantity, then he is required to be in possession of a valid PrDP "D". This course will explain all the legal requirements and also grant the driver the right to transport dangerous goods and substances.
Also known as PrdP "D" and Hazkem

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Anti Hijack

With the increase in hijackings on South African roads, it is important that drivers are trained how to handle a Hijacking situation. By understand why Hijackings happen, drivers can adjust their driving style so that these situation can be avoided. Our course is developed to prepare drivers mentally should they find them self in a hijacking situation and should they be Hijacked, how to handle the Hijacking situation so that they survive or escape without any harm.

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Quad Bike Training

ATVs and Quad Bikes are vehicles that are used to travel to areas which are normally difficult for passenger 4x4s to reach. These vehicles are very versatile and agile which can cover most forms of terrain. ATVs vary in engine size and ride height. Some ATVs are used to transport a load on a trailer. Our course teaches drivers how to safely operate these vehicle for on-road and off-road purposes.

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Load General Freight

Drivers are employed on the fact that they have a drivers licence and a valid PrDP, but they have no formal knowledge of how to load a heavy vehicle and how the vehicles drive-ability changes once it is loaded. Often we see in the news that a truck has lost control or has lost its load which leads to serious injuries and death. It is important to train your driver how to spread the load and how to adapt the driving style to counter the extra weight added to the vehicle.

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4x4 / Off-road Training

This course is for a delegate who has recently acquired a 4x4 vehicle and wishes to learn how to drive it in an off-road situation. Driving off-road is skill that is developed through experience and understanding your environment and the capabilities of your vehicle. One encounters different terrains when driving off-road such as sand, stone, water and gravel.

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Gravel Road Driving

Many drivers travel gravel roads on a daily bases to and from work. Gravel roads are a floating surface and conditions constantly change very quickly on a gravel road. Wind can carry lose sand onto the gravel or water can wash away the top soil exposing dangerous potholes and rocks.
Understanding these changes in conditions one can adjust your driving style and speed to ensure your safety while traveling by gravel road.

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Fire Fighting Lvl 1
Fire Fighting Lvl 2

Understanding the different situations that can lead to fire and also the causes of fires (electrical, gas, flammable liquids, open fire) businesses can identify possible fire hazards and eliminate the chances of causing a fire. Should the need arise, it is always advisable to have trained personal to put out the fire before it spread beyond control. Small fires lead to big fires, and big fires lead to damages and loss of lives.

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First Aid Lvl 1
First Aid Lvl 2

It is the duty and responsibility of all businesses to ensure that employees are not exposed to health or safety risks arising from their work activities or business undertakings. Accidents do happen in the work place and therefor First Aiders need to be on the premises to ensure that the injury is treated. Performing First Aid acts can be dangerous if the employee is not trained to perform First Aid in the workplace.

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It is the duty of the HSE (Health Safety and Environmental) Representative to monitor, investigate and report on Health and Safety matters. The HSE rep is required to accompany inspectors during inspection in and around the workplace to make sure that all the HSE guidelines are followed. The HSE representative is also requires to attend all Health and Safety Committee meetings with regards to implementing and auditing HSE legislation. Employers who employ 20 or more workers are required by law to employ HSE represenatives.

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Customer Care Course


Customer care is at the heart of all successful businesses. It can help you develop customer loyalty and improve relationships with your internal and external customers of your organisations. Good customer service is about managing the perceptions of your customers and giving them a positive experience of doing business with your business. Through understanding this concept employees can build positive relationships with customers.

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Occupational safety and health (OSH), also commonly referred to as occupational health and safety (OHS), occupational health, or workplace health and safety (WHS), is a multidisciplinary field concerned with the safety, health, and welfare of people at work. The goals of occupational health and safety programs are set in place to foster a safe and healthy work place environment.

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A Fire Warden / Marshal is responsible for the development and implementation of evacuation plans and fire drills at the work place. The business needs to empower the Fire Marshal to implement these frameworks and also training all the employees in case of an emergency. The Fire Marshal is also responsible for identifying fire hazards and implementing measures to avoid the likelihood of a fire.

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The impact of HIV/AIDS and other chronic diseases is being felt in the country as a whole, and the workplace is no exception. With infection rates still on the increase, businesses must be prepared to deal effectively with HIV/AIDS so as to maintain high levels of production whilst avoiding discrimination of those infected or affected.

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Moving, handling and storing Dangerous goods in and around the workplace. Moving and storing dangerous goods on your premises can be tricky. Some substances work with other while some combinations can be lethal if careful consideration isn't taken to which substances don't work with other. Putting the wrong substances near to each other or in the same room room can cause a dangerous chemical reaction.

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Lifting Equipment

forklift training cape town


The person credited with this Unit Standard is able to operate a counter-balanced lift truck in a safe manner. They will also be able to conduct pre and post inspections to ensure the performance of the lift truck. The person will be able to handle the loading and storage of freight by using the equipment and its accessories in the required manner. They will also be able to access emergency system and services in the event of an incident or accident.

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