Steps to obtain a driving licence in South Africa

Learners Licence

  1. Make your booking at the traffic department for your learner licence test. You will be required to do an eye test so be sure to take your spectacles with you.
  2. Book your learner licence classes two/one week/s before your test at He and She so the learner licence information is still fresh in your memory.
  3. Attend the classes at He and She and write the test books that we provide to prepare you for your learner licence test at the traffic department.
  4. Write the test at the traffic department and pass.

Driving Licence

  1. When you have passed your learners, book your traffic department driving test appointment the same day. The traffic department’s bookings can sometimes be booked 3 months in advance! While speaking to the traffic department booking agent, contact He and She for available dates to assist with your driving test. Contact He and She to confirm the booking of the traffic department driving test date and then He and She will backdate your driving lessons from your driving test date at the traffic department.
  2. Attend all driving lessons booked at He and She. Having enough hours before your test date is essential. Not only do you need to familiarise yourself with the theory but using the K53 system while driving has to become second nature. If you miss or need to move a driving appointment be sure to reschedule that time slot!
  3. Discuss your weak points with your instructor and ask them for advice on how you can improve on them.
  4. Plan the day of your driving test. Unexpected events can throw you off your game. Have a snack and cool drink ready before your test, also be sure to visit the restroom 30min before your driving test. Discussed all the steps with your instructor and ask about anything that is unclear to you. Be friendly with your traffic officer as 9/10 they are a normal friendly person just like you!
  5. Congratulations you have passed your test at the traffic department and you are now a legal road user!