Automatic Driving Lessons

Are you struggling to get around learning how to drive with a manual gearbox or do you have a disability that makes you unable to drive a manual vehicle? He and She Driving School now offers driving lessons on automatic code 08 vehicles.

Difference between an automatic and manual car

An automatic vehicle does not have a clutch pedal, therefore may be easier to drive – especially during peak hour traffic and when pulling away on a hill – and if you are having difficulties managing the gears in a manual car, you may find that taking automatic driving lessons is a faster route to your licence. Some people just prefer automatic transmissions for city driving as busy traffic means more frequent gear changes for manual drivers.

Which type of vehicle should I choose?

You need to take into consideration that once you pass out with an automatic vehicle, you will not be permitted to drive any other vehicle that is manual. You will have an automatic vehicle restriction on your licence. However, if you pass with a manual vehicle you are allowed to drive an automatic.

Advantages of passing out with an automatic vehicle:

  • Easier to learn. The vehicle handles all the gearing and clutch control for you

  • Less focus on the clutch and gearing and more time to focus on your driving.

  • Less tiring. No need to apply clutch and change gears. Be it gearing up or down.

  • Easier to drive. No need to learn clutch control. Less chance of rolling in your test.

We have highly experienced instructors who have offered driving lessons for many years. Driving lessons are done Monday to Saturday. We offer a pickup and drop off service on all code 08 driving lessons. Hours are booked per 1 hour time slot.