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Fire Warden/Marshal

A Fire Warden / Marshal is responsible for the development and implementation of evacuation plans and fire drills at the work place. The business needs to empower the Fire Marshal to implement these frameworks and also training all the employees in case of an emergency. The Fire Marshal is also responsible for identifying fire hazards and implementing measures to avoid the likelihood of a fire.
Should there be an incident at the workplace, it is the duty of the fire Marshal to take charge and lead the employees to safety. The Fire Marshal then does a headcount to ensure that everyone has safely evacuated the building and then assist the other trained Fire Fighter employees to extinguish the fire if possible. All emergency plans developed by the Fire Marshal needs to be checked and then displayed in the workplace so all the employees are familiar with the evacuation procedure.


Delegate must have level 1 fire fighting certificate.
No age restriction for the Fire Marshal course.


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Course Content

All the content on fire fighting.
Evacuation process.
Duties with the evacuation assembly points.
Fire Marshal duties.