Code11 (C) Driving Lessons

Heavy Motor Vehicle Code C Code 11

Based on K53


You need to be over the age of 18 years, with a valid learners licence, in order to drive on a public road with an instructor or person with a valid drivers licence present in the vehicle at all times. A green Bar-coded ID is needed in able to book your drivers test appointment at the traffic department. Also have your eyes tested before making a test appointment at the traffic department and should you wear spectacles, be sure to bring them along. All traffic fee's will be displayed on the quotation.


To make a booking please contact us on: Tel: 021 931 8214 Email us at: Alternatively click here to contact us directly through our website. Please note that no prices will be displayed on the website except for specials as prices tend to change frequently due to fluctuating petrol price and inflation. All prices quoted are only valid for 30 days.

Course Content

Pre-trip inspection Manoeuvres in the yard Driving on the road Practical in-truck training (1 client: 1 instructor) Patient instructors All vehicles are comprehensively insured All vehicles are fitted with dual controls Highly trained instructors with instructor’s certificates Our administration division handles all the instructors booking and payments so there will be no interruptions during your lesson Remember to always have your learners licence when attending a lesson.

The Pre-trip inspection:

  • There are no leaks or obstructions under or around the vehicle.
  • The Vehicle's seat belt & door in working as intended.
  • The vehicle's mirror & windshield is fixed and secure.
  • The vehicle's wiper-blade un-perished.
  • The Vehicle's tyre tread is within spec and the tyre pressure has been checked.
  • The wheel nuts are tight and the wheel is secure to the vehicle.
  • The headlights are secure to the vehicle and the bonnet is closed and secure.
  • I have checked the vehicle's water level, oil level, brake fluid & fanbelt.
  • The left side of vehicle is the same as previous side.
  • Licence disc is up to date and secured to the left hand side of the windshield.
  • The vehicle's petrol cap is closed and secure.
  • Back vehicle's window and tail lights are secure (not cracked) and the boot is closed securely.
  • The vehicle's back door & tyre is the same as previous.


Alley docking is a reverse manoeuvre which is done in the yard test and forms part of the K53 drivers license test.
The traffic official will direct you to a marked square from where you will start the alley docking procedure. You need to obey all the rules of the road as you approach the starting point. Stop your vehicle within the marked square with your handbrake up and make sure the vehicle is in neutral.
Check your rear view mirror and blind spot before indicating towards the appropriate side. Select reverse gear and balance the clutch. Perform a 360 degree observation (blind spot, rear-view mirror, opposite blind spot) starting from the opposite side of the turning direction. Release the handbrake before moving off slowly.
Remember the slower you move the vehicle the more time you have to think and react. Check the blind spot on the opposite side of your turning direction once more before turning your steering wheel to start moving into the alley. Guide rear end of the car initially by looking over your shoulder. Check the vehicle's side mirrors as you approach the alley to align the car between the parking poles.
Look over your shoulder and stop the vehicle inside the marked square. Be careful not to know over the pole behind you. Pull up the vehicle's handbrake and put the vehicle in neutral.