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Fire Fighting in the workplace

Not having any fire respondents on the premises is the worse situation any business can be in. Fires break out when workers least expect it and lead to the destruction of your premises and the one next to yours. Its a very uncomfortable situation to be in if no one on the premises knows how to handle a fire extinguisher and how to control a fire that spontaneously erupted. By law businesses are required to have a set number of first fighters per ratio of employees.
Understanding the different situations that can lead to fire and also the causes of fires (electrical, gas, flammable liquids, open fire) businesses can identify possible fire hazards and eliminate the chances of causing a fire. Should the need arise, it is always advisable to have trained personal to put out the fire before it spread beyond control. Small fires lead to big fires, and big fires lead to damages and loss of lives.


No age is required to attend the fire fighting course. We encourage young adults to be trained to defend themselves should a fire break out at home or at their institution of learning.


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Course Content

Fire Fighting Level 1

Unit Standard 252250
NQF Level 01

Fire Fighting Level 2

Unit Standard 12484
NQF Level 02

More about the Fire fighting course

Research through workplace inspection has shown that a surprising amount of small businesses (SMME) do not have fire fighters, their certificates are expired or they do not meet the minimum quota Fire Fighters per shift. Occupational Health and Safety Amendment Act, No. 181 Of 1993 states that by law a certain amount of Fire Fighters, First Aid respondents and HSE (Health safety and Environmental) representatives are required on the premises. Although businesses are not always fined on the spot when they do not meet these requirements, its is always after a disaster that hefty fines are handed out and normally a loss of lives.

Fires are never a planned a event but should your business have a fire it is desirable to have Fire Fighters on hand to deal with the situation before it becomes out of hand. By understanding the different types of fires and what causes these fires, Fire fighters will know how to quickly deal with the situation and extinguish the fire. Our course also deals with evacuation plans and how to handle emergency situations so that all the workers can be evacuated to safety should the need arise.

HSSE Legislation regarding Fire Fighting

Occupational Health and Safety Amendment Act, No. 181 Of 1993 states that

Fire Fighting Rectification

Fire Fighting Certificates are valid for 2 years and needs to be renewed accordingly.
Re certification takes 1 day and needs to be done within 3 months after the certificate has expired.